About Us

The original business was founded in 1991.  Our original intention was to sell metal roofing and the accessories for that.  Our mission has since evolved to have a full inventory of building supplies IN STOCK for any post frame building or metal roofing application.

Our inventory consists of as follows:

  1. Lumber
  2. Posts
  3. Concrete
  4. Rebar
  5. Doors
  6. Windows
  7. Insulations
  8. 13 colors #1 28ga Metal Roofing in stock – over 20 to choose if ordered
  9. All typical trims and accessories
  10. Some trusses
  11. All sorts of minor construction accessories and hardware

This means we can offer custom turn-key building kits for houses, garages, shops, machine storage, riding arenas and much more, promptly delivered to your site with everything normally backed up in our inventory!  Usually this can be done with one delivery, excepting large buildings of course.

We are of the Mennonite faith and choose to limit our exposure to the internet.  Though we do have email available on this site, we do not have internet at our office so you will not get a prompt response via email.  Oftentimes there can be up to 2 or 3 weeks between trips to the public library for checking emails.  This website is intended as a convenient way for our customers to reference who we are and what we offer.  Therefore it will not have pricing or frequently updated sales info.

We believe we must have the materials you need IN STOCK in order to provide any service of value. As we all know, in business mistakes will happen! Since we have our inventory backed up we can remedy problems promptly.

We are also quality conscious on our lumber.  We pay a premium for the grades we carry and therefore we will not always be the very cheapest.  We will back up our material by replacing anything deficient.

We believe the companies who are really driven by quality will warm-form their metal roofing to enhance their color retention.  You can learn more about this at http://www.everlastroofing.com/heat-forming

We stock 48′ panels of metal in the most popular colors which we can cut to your size! This enables us to do two things many customers have come to value over the years.

  1. Same day order processing for any emergency or time sensitive jobs.
  2. The majority of our orders are shipped in job packs cut to your size.  If and when there is a mistake, we have the same steel in stock, out of which we can cut in a matter of minutes!

We stock all sorts of standard trims in all the colors and can fabricate any custom trim in our trim shop on the spot.

We are also a stocking distributor of the AMVIC Insulated Concrete Forms.  Be sure to stop by and check us out if you intend to build a house with a basement.  The results are outstanding when compared with conventional basements!

We have also added a hardware line along with hand tools and a limited assortment of Dewalt, Makita, and Milwaukee cordless power tools that complement the industries we are servicing.

We aim to have very competitive prices on genuine quality with prompt friendly service!

We always strive to make transparency and integrity the guiding values for our daily business interactions.

We invite you to drop by and check us out!!!